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The Cadillac Bombers - (14) Tracks of Hillbilly Gone Rockabilly
August 2010 The Cadillac Bombers released the Hillbilly Gone CD after much demand from our fans at shows.  Well here it is. Give it a listen. If you don't like it you can use it at a coaster.



Drug Store Rock and Roll
Janice Martim 1956

Do Me No Wrong
Pat Cupp 1956

Flying Saucers Rock and Roll
Ray Scott 1957

Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Cash 1955

Fujiyama Mama

Earl Burrows 1957

Got A Lot of Rhythm

Barbara Vaughan, W.S. Stevenson 1959

Rough Love
J. Leslie McFarland 1962
Rock Bop n Baby
Edwin (Ed) Bruce 1957

Walking After Midnight
Alan Block, Don Hecht 1957

Ace In The Hole
Dennis Adkins 1989

As Long As Iím Moving
Jesse Stone 1955

Bop n The Blues
C. Perkins, C. Griffin 1956

Slow Down
Jack Earls 1956

True Love
Carl Perkins 1957

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